Attendance Management

The expectation is that every Rotarian will attend every meeting, in their own club. Not.

Each club is expected to keep track of which meetings members attend and when meetings are made up in other clubs. Rotary’s attendance rule is that a member must attend at least 50% of the meetings in total, and up to half of those could be made up in other clubs. But if a member misses too many meetings, they need to be removed from Rotary or have a leave of absence.

But more important, if a member suddenly starts to miss some meetings for now reason, members will want to check on that member to make sure that everything is ok. For example, a member might have been admitted to hospital without anyone from the club being notified and when know, people may want to visit. Or if a member stops coming, they may just be upset or disillusioned and be thinking about quitting Rotary. This may give you the opportunity to take action and retain the member.

Whatever the reason, knowledge is power. And the attendance report can then be submitted as required by RI

To make it simple, the attendance should be able to be entered online, either with a computer or on a mobile phone. Imagine that the report is entered online before the meeting is over instead of having to be entered after the fact.