The system should have one calendar fully integrated with the District and all the clubs. The benefit is that the members can then choose which calendars they would like to view, including their own club, clubs in their area, the whole district, etc.

Click here to view the database layout of the calendar system.

Club Calendar

Every club as a regular meeting each week. This calendar will allow the speaker or program for each meeting to be shown and even the location of the meeting if different from normal. In addition, the club can post a calendar of other events, fund raisers, social events, etc.

District Calendar

The district has many events from the District Calendar to training sessions to Youth Exchange events. Some of these events are part of the District as a whole such as the District Conference and others are for certain committees which is where Youth Exchange would fall in.

Area Calendar

If an event is marked for an area of the District, then only those Rotarians in that area will see the event in normal cases. This allows clubs to easily see important events going on at other clubs in their area.

Major Events

The calendar can quickly become cluttered with lots of different events, some important and some not so much. If you tag an event as a Major Event, it will appear on the Event Dashboard in addition to the regular calendar. This will bring attention to those important events and will display on the District Web Site as well as the Club Websites if they choose to add Major Events to their dashboard.

Speaker Calendar

The most popular speaker in the District is the District Governor. By attaching the person to the Calendar and the Club, then the person (DG) can look at his schedule for club visits. The visit will then also appear on each club's calendar, but they will only see their visit with the District Governor and not the visits to all the other clubs. The Assistant Governors or other Speakers can do the same, making it easier to be able to track their own events.

One time Speakers

If a speaker is invited to a club on a one time basis, the Speakers name, phone number and e-mail address can all be added into the event as this may allow other clubs to contact this speaker and invite them. Ultimately, it would be great to have a speaker registry. If the speaker is entered into the system, either as a Rotarian or Non-Rotarian, then all the details can be entered there and the event simply linked to that speaker's information in the database.

District Committees

Rotary is a world of meetings, like it or not. Each District committee can add their meetings and events to the calendar which can then be easily accessed by others. If a person is a member of that committee, then those events will automatically be displayed in that Rotarian's calendar. Note that for committees such as Youth Exchange, their is the organizing committee and the group of Youth Exchange Officers, Counselors and others that are also part of the Youth Exchange Committee, but a different part of it. They will need to know about their events but not necessarily all the District Committee events.

Club Committees

The same as the District Committee, but on the club scale. Not all the club members will want to know about all the meetings for each committee, but for the Rotarian's involved, the event will appear in their calendar.

Google Calendars

We hope to be able to export calendars to Google calendars so that events will pop up on peoples smart phones. This will require some research so will not happen in the first release but is part of the larger plan.