District Convention Committee

There could be a separate website dedicated to each year’s District Convention. It should draw on all the data in the District website so that users don’t have to reenter their information but at the same time, keep the details separate.

There should be a public area for the public, Rotarians and guest to view and sign up and then also a private area where the organizing committee could keep track of the documents, plans, schedules, calendars, events, and spreadsheets.

In fact, there is a different convention committee each year as the convention typically goes to the home city of the District Governor. By allowing the organizing committee to look at the previous year’s plans, notes and most importantly, their final comments on what went right and what went wrong, the new committee would have a leg up on it’s plans and work. Of course, each convention could have it’s own theme, flavour and makeup but having some information from the past has got to be helpful.

Some of the things that need to be organized include:
  • Rotarians that have signed up complete with guests
  • Hotels
  • Barbecue attendance
  • Host special events complete with sign up and payment
  • Home Hosting
  • Name tag – correct name to show complete with printing at the assigned time
  • E-mail distribution list to those that are signed up
  • E-mail distribution list to those that are NOT signed up