Ok, it’s all about the money. If you’re having a polio fundraising campaign and someone from the public wants to donate, you’ll want to take their money.

If you’re planning a fund raising dinner and want to sell tickets in advance, you’ll want to take the money, print receipts and optionally even print the tickets.

If club members want to pay their dues and meal fees online and by credit card, it could make the life of the treasurer easier – if done right.

There are many different ways of collecting credit card payments and a lot of different service providers with different rates. (We typically use Mercury pay in our business for all our customers) What is important is to ensure that you use the right security to prevent theft and to get good rates. Paypal is an easy option to setup but is very expensive when compared to doing the processing directly.

Some of the credit card systems allow you to collect all the data, process the card and even keep the card on hand for future transactions such as automatic monthly payments. For the most part, unless there is a lot of money at stake, storing the credit card numbers online is not a good idea and requires an intense amount of security to do it right. And if you don’t do it right and there is theft, then the club could be liable for a very large bill.

Other credit card systems allow you to collect the money on a form, submit it to the processor and get a validation that the payment was successful or not and the dollar amount. This is a much more secure system to setup and is very easy to institute. For a volunteer organization such as Rotary that will not have full time IT and security staff, this would be the route to take.

There are other organizations that will collect the fees for charitable organizations such as Canada Pays. I would strongly argue to stay away from any site such as this as they solicit money for other purposes and charities while the person is online and the processing fees tend to be fairly high too.