Event Sign up

Event Registration

There are lots of options needed when signing up people for events. Consider the District Conference where the event lasts from Thursday afternoon until Sunday noon. Inside that big event, there are several small events such as the Thursday night dinner/barbecue, social events, tours and golf on Friday, Home Hosting on Friday night, the main conference for Saturday and Sunday, including breakfast, lunch, dinner.

The registration system must allow for each person to make selections based on their needs and desires within the scope allowed by the conference committee. As well, different types of people may be charged different rates. Regular Rotarians, spouses, guests from other clubs, speakers, youth exchange students may all have different rates for different events or some events may not even be offered to them.

In addition, the registration system should allow for payment online or allow for checks to be mailed in and admin staff updating the payments. If a person changes,their mind and requests additional items, then the payment difference should be easy to make. If they cancel, then it needs to know how to handle it, such as allowing cancellations, refund percentages, etc.

The registration database table is described on a separate page.