GSE Teams

As with Student Exchange, friendships are made around the world with the GSE visits. There are outbound teams and inbound teams. With the outbound teams of young professionals we have a ready resource of future Rotarians that we will want to keep in contact with.

But GSE team members don’t necessarily stay in the town or even country where they were before they went on the exchange. Having a central database of current addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc. available to those who need to know would help to keep people connected.

There is a lot of organizing that goes on with GSE from preparing the outbound team before they leave to creating a detailed itinerary for the inbound team. The rules have changed and all the details, host families, etc. need to be prepared several weeks before the team arrives. In fact, not having this in place would cause the GSE exchange to be cancelled. To add to the confusion, there are many people involved in organizing these details. In every stop or area, someone will be looking for host families for each inbound team member. This person could update these details for that portion of the trip.

This database could then be used to help GSE members with keeping in contact with each other and their host families over the years.

While the trips are in progress, the system could allow for pictures, blogs, notes and other details that could be shared with Rotarians in the District. By making it easy, the members can post their blogs and have them posted automatically on the District website or on club websites where desired.

As with Student Exchange, all the documents and notes can be located in a central, password protect area for easy access and updating.