Local Contact Names

Every year, the club presidents and executive change and a whole new crew starts. Sometimes, this can be very difficult.

For example, you are in charge of programs and know extra people will be arriving for breakfast. Who do you contact to arrange for extra meals and what is their phone number, e-mail address or other details. Or you are in charge of publicity, who are your contacts and how do you go about contacting them and start to form a relationship with them?

Our club has an annual car show in the park. Who do we need to contact to organize the park. Where do we get water from? How do we hookup to electricity? There are posts in the driveway that need to be removed so that we can get the vehicles in, who to call?

Each club and each activity for each club will have a number of contacts for different purposes. Having this information in a central area will make it much easier that having to do the research from scratch every year or insist that the old executive never quit because they are the only ones that know.

From the District point of view, what contacts are important for each committee. Student exchange has many contacts in different countries to help with the exchange process and working with the students while they are on their exchange.