Member Database

In a good database design, there should only be one record for each member. That record needs to have all the relevant details such as name, spouse, address, phone number, cell phone, e-mail address, classification, start date, years in Rotary, years in other clubs, current status (regular member, honorary member), etc. The unique club number will need to be on the member record for fast printing and searching.

A member may be involved in many different things such as club committees, district committees and volunteering for different projects or fundraising events. By having only one main record for each, when something changes, like a phone number, it can be updated in one place only and all the other reports and lists are updated automatically.

Club Positions, such as president, treasurer, secretary are stored in a separate table, sorted by year, so that you can view past and future records, not just the current. See the Club Positions page.

A unique reference number will be needed for each entry into the member database to easily allow for linking to other tables or databases. Items such as dues and payments, biography, picture(s), video, interests, historical facts such as dates in other clubs, Paul Harris fellowship, positions held on the executive and so on. If the person was a member of other clubs in the past, then this information could be in the history section instead of the main record.