Mentorship of New Members

Most clubs have a problem retaining new members. How do new members find out about Rotary, your club, the District, Rotary International, etc. For many, it can take years of hanging around to figure out what Rotary really is.

Unfortunately, we lose a lot of new members because they either don't understand, don't feel welcome or not invited to get involved.

There is a new initiative in the District to support clubs in mentoring new members. This is done by creating a manual for both the mentor and the mentee. The current version was created for just one club and is very specific to their needs. It contains information about their executive, their committees and their fund raising events, as it should. But this makes it difficult to share with other clubs.

Online, each club will be able to enter in their committee structure, executive, fund raising events and project details and have these flow into the mentorship manual along with the general information that is appropriate district wide. Because it's database driven, you can create a new set of manuals when a new member joins and always have it up to date.

In the club, an existing member will be given the Mentorship Manual to read and use as a guide. This mentor does not have to be a past president, it could even be a relatively new member as the mentor will learn a lot about the club and the district in the process of teaching someone else. The new member will then get the Mentee manual, which is similar but targeted at the new member for delivering the information.

Note that the process is active. It involves a lot of coffee or wine and time spent over a series of visits. The manual is a guide to keep the discussions on track and to provide backup information, but the human contact part is important too. The website can't do it all.