News or Stories

The story database should allow for stories to be entered for all the various committees, different types of news as well as general news items.

In addition, each story should be marked as available to the public, yes or no, or available to the club members in the private area, yes or no. You may want some stories to be available in both the public and private areas, but you would never have a story created that is available to no one.

Each story should have a start date and end date. If you are creating a media campaign, you may want to prepare the stories in advance and not have them appear until the appointed date. As well, you can set a date to allow the story to expire and disappear on it’s own in an effort to keep the site looking fresh.

Each story should contain the unique reference for the club to avoid stories to get mixed up between clubs.

However a story for the District may be shared with the clubs if certain conditions apply such as having that option selected in the first place and then a lack of the club’s own stories forcing the introduction of District stories automatically to keep the club website looking interesting. While in an ideal world, each club would create it’s own content for news, we know this does not always happen.

The news stories should also be available in an archive should a member want to go back and catch up on old stories.

The interesting part is that stories can be created for other committees or web pages. A webpage will consist of a collection of news stories so if you had one for Polio, you could then create stories for Polio that would appear on that website and be easy for members to update or replace.

The story system can then also be used for areas such as the President report, Past President Report, Foundation Committee report and so on.

The editor should be a full WYSIWYG type of editor of which many are available. It must also include the ability to upload, categorize and display pictures. And the real trick is to make it easy to use because you’ll want members that are not computer gear heads to use the system. If the system is super powerful but needs a university degree to run, it will not be used.


Weekly or Monthly newsletters should be easy to produce. The first record should be the header and then tied to a list of stories that are in the newsletter. An e-mail could be sent with a small snippet of each story, linking back to the main story on the website. Optional creating and downloading of full PDF of the newsletter.

Newsletter Header

nl_uniquebigint(20)Unique Record of this header
nl_date datePublication Date
nl_coverstorylongblobThe story for the header and the e-mail
nl_opentoedittinyint(1)If opentoedit is true (1) then it can edited and changed and is not viewable by the membership
If it's false, then it's completed and cannot be changed but can instead be viewed by the membership

Newsletter History

In order to check on the viewership of the newsletters, the system will track who in the district has read which main cover page or individual stories so that statistics can be generated. By tracking which members, the system will not duplicate the statistics.

lnr_nl_unique bigint(20)Link back to newsletter header
lnr_p_unique bigint(20)Link to rotary member

Newsletter Stories

ns_unique bigint(20)Unique record of the story
ns_nl_unique bigint(20)Unique record of the newsletter header
ns_p_unique bigint(20)Unique record of the author of the story
ns_date dateDate of the story
ns_full_story longblobFull story text
ns_teaser longblobTeaser for insert in newsletter to entice people to read

News Story History

lnr_nl_unique bigint(20)Unique link back to Newsletter story
lnr_p_unique bigint(20)Unique link to member that read the story