Most clubs create newsletters that are then printed or e-mailed to the members on a weekly or monthly basis. The options include using Microsoft Word and send a DOC file or converting the file to a PDF file before e-mailing as an attachment. Some clubs use Microsoft Publisher to get a bit fancier. And the really fancy ones might publish using Adobe products using as Illustrator, etc.

BUT, could a system be created where newsletter items are written by one or multiple people on a website using a template of some sort and when all the components are entered, publish the newsletter to a PDF file and e-mail to all the members and leave a final copy on the website for historical purposes?

Having a web based newsletter creator will allow members that don’t have access to some of the other tools to participate. And most importantly, will allow multiple people to submit and edit content at the same time on a common document that is assembled and printed only when completed.

This system could use the same editor as the news stories as used for the content management on the webpages.