Non Rotarian Database

There are many people that are not in Rotary that are associated with the clubs in different ways. Think of the media contacts, sponsors, donors, volunteers, spouses of Rotarians, children or Rotarians, future members, etc.

Each of these should have the basic details such as name, phone number, cell phone, e-mail address, etc.

And it should allow for multiple categories such as sponsor, media, donor, etc. The issue here is that many of the people in the media are Rotarians, so if media contacts were only placed here, it would cause duplicates with the member database.

Therefore, the types of people such as media, volunteer, sponsor, etc. should be linked in a separate table showing the category and the unique identifier of the person. There may be a large contingent of people that are just interested and want to be kept on a mailing list to be informed of activities in the future. This is ok.

And when you consider that Non Rotarians are future members and may join Rotary someday, the best way is to have one database of names where the record indicates if the person is a member or a non Rotarian.