Private Areas

The Rotary website must have an area for the public to view information about Rotary but should also have a Members Only area. The login to this area will require a username and password and this is a pretty standard way of accessing private pages.

But it appears that many people have problems dealing with multiple websites, login names and different passwords. In some cases, the browsers will store the login information to make it easy, but this is not always the case.

We should allow for an e-mail to be sent with a link for the member that will immediately log the member in. The link would contain a code for the user so that they could avoid having to enter their username and password each time and they could then store this link in their Favorites.

Once logged in, the user should then have access to the club information, District website and optionally if the database stores other information be able to allow them to log into Rotary International’s website too, or the TRF website in either Canada or the US for making donations, or anywhere they need to go in the Rotary world. The club website could then be the central hub for each member to access Rotary and keep their lives simple.

For those users using tools such as Linked In, they could even store their login details here. There are several good Linked In Groups dedicated to Rotary, so this could be an extension to the Rotary site when communicating with Rotarians from around the world and outside of the District.

The security system should have a multi-layered security approach, with access to different areas being allowed or restricted. For example, Student Exchange, GSE or Conference websites could be controlled this way from a central area.