Project Income and Costs

Each club activity, whether a fund raising event or service project will have some financial implications. Being able to keep track of the income and expenses of each will help in the planning and organizing of these events.
Many projects take from days to weeks or even months. Being able to check the status of a project while it's ongoing without having to call and ask the treasurer for the details will give the committee a huge benefit.
For projects that reoccur from year to year, imagine the benefit for the committee chair to be able to quickly view at the results from the previous year, the one before that, and before that.
In Rotary, we change out the presidents every year, often with many or all of the other directors. This causes problems with the loss of information. Or worse, doesn't allow a committee member to get off the committee and do something else.
Of course, there is more to this than just the financial records and these other notes will be covered elsewhere.