Volunteer Sign Up

For hands on activities such as fundraising events, projects and so on, volunteers are needed. For complex projects the activities may span several hours to several months and will require many different jobs to be done.

You can of course sign up members by circulating a sign up sheet at the weekly meetings.

But to do it electronically, you will need to define the project and then each activity and then for each activity, the dates and times of each.

For example, in running a book sale, you may have the following:

ActivityDate and TimePeople Needed People Signed up Click to Sign Up
Collect BooksJuly 5th - 5pm22select
Sort BooksJuly 5th - 7pm106select
Collect BooksJuly 12th - 5pm21select
Sort BooksJuly 12th - 7pm107select
Setup for SaleJuly 14th - 10am2012select
Sell BooksJuly 15th - 10am33select
Sell BooksJuly 15th - 2pm31select
Tear DownJuly 16th - 10am2015select

By having a display such as this on the club website, the members can then view what jobs need to be done and assign themselves to it. It would need the option to show who has signed up for which jobs because often hands on work is a social event that helps club members get to know each other better.

There are a lot of other options here, but this shows the basic mechanics behind the setup.

An administrator would be able to setup the various projects, setup the activities and time, assign people to jobs if a volunteer signed up on a paper form to start. (not all members want to use a computer) As an added bonus, the system could then also print a report of who signed up to do what to help the organizing committee while the project is on going. As well, the system could e-mail the volunteers of their commitments on the day of, the day before or the week before the event. People may not choose to forget, but it happens. <grin>

Note that volunteers may be Rotarians for the club putting on the project, but could be from other clubs for a multi-club project or spouses or children of Rotarians or volunteers from the community that want to help out but may not want to participate in full membership.