Why are we creating New Websites for Rotary District 5060?

Good question. We already have a District website and most clubs have their own websites and Rotary International has it's own website. Why are we reinventing the wheel?

Public Relations

First, we're doing it to get better. Much better. If you look at our existing District and Club Websites through the eyes of the general public, do you get the sense of what Rotary is or what it does? Not really, the websites are currently designed for members to use as a resource, but not as a Public Relations tool.

Rotary International issued a challenge to clubs and districts to make their websites more outward facing instead of inward facing. With the changes we are making the websites will be focused on the general public and prospective members first, and then when a member logs in, be focused on the member's needs and issues.

Shared Information

We currently have a problem with too many sets of information for different purposes. A Rotarian is a member of their club, the district and may be on several different committees such as Youth Exchange, Service Projects, Foundation, etc. If the Rotarian then moves or gets a new phone number, it must be updated in many different areas and this has caused problems with people not being able to be contacted. When registered for various events such as training sessions, RLI,District Conferences, etc., the information can all be reused instead of reentered. Simple things such as printing name badges will be greatly enhanced. This avoids name badges and tent cards being printed with the members names being misspelled or assigned to the wrong clubs.

Member Access

We are all Rotarians in one district and we deal with each other all the time. The new system will allow Rotarians to quickly find each other complete with phone numbers and e-mail address all while being secure and not allowing prying eyes from the general public to see. Members must be logged in to get the information. This is not currently possible from the existing system.

Shared Calendars

There are a lot of events happening in the all the Rotary Clubs across the district. The system will be able to display the club calendar, or the district calendar or the neighbouring club's calendar or a combination of many calendars, depending on each user's preference.

District Directory Printing

The current system of creating the District Directory is very labour intensive and each years, errors appear because of a change just before the printing or not having the people involved proofreading their sections. For example, the Youth Exchange Committee has a lot of events and the dates for these need to be updated each year. If a error is made in typing in the details, it's difficult to find a correct before printing. Under the new integrated system, the Youth Exchange Committee can enter their own dates directly into the system and these will be automatically included in the directory. Before the directory is printed, a PDF file can be created and distributed to many people for final proof reading. When done, press one button and the directly is published to a PDF file that can then be sent to the printer for final printing. This will save many, many hours of volunteer time and will cut our costs as well.

Mentorship Manual

There is a new initiative in the District to support clubs in mentoring new members. This is done by creating a manual for both the mentor and the mentee. The current version was created for just one club and is very specific to their needs. It contains information about their executive, their committees and their fund raising events, as it should. But this makes it difficult to share with other clubs. Online, each club will be able to enter in their committee structure, executive, fund raising events and project details and have these flow into the mentorship manual along with the general information that is appropriate district wide. Because it's database driven, you can create a new set of manuals when a new member joins and always have it up to date.