Wish List

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Don't be shy. There are lots of great ideas out there and sharing them with others will help everyone using this system.

  • Full integration with the rotary.org Membership Database for logon verification and all record keeping.

  • Open Source framework so that we can take advantage of shared development and bring in new features from a wide area.

  • A blank site started for a club joining should automatically get some relevant content.

  • Integration of events system with other publicly available solutions such as a Google diary. This would allow users to integrate their Rotary diaries with others they might keep such as work.

  • Simple mailing-list like news feature that all can subscribe to (for example the district news) and submit to by sending an email.

  • An easy to use interface for administrators to load new pages and photos etc. It would be good if it had a Facebook feel - which is easy to use. I prefer using Facebook group for our club as it is so easy to use.

  • Automatic switching of new executive and committee members on July 1 each year instead of having to remember to click a link. The executive changes each year and the new secretary may not event know this is required.

  • e-Club specific tools, such as managing attendance at a posted meeting after the event, and granting make-ups to visiting Rotarians for online attendance.